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screen printing

Screen printing is one of the most common printing methods because it is the fastest, most efficient form of decorating garments in large quantities. The business of screen printing onto garments serves promotional needs of companies, sports teams, organisations etc.

During the screen printing process, one color is applied at a time. For each colour of a design, an additional screen is used this is why the artist has to separate the ink colours in the artwork step and why the printing price is quite high for smaller runs.

High Street Stitch & Print is equipped to print up to 8 colours per design.


Heat press or transfers are great for smaller jobs as these do not require any screen set ups. You can have unlimited colours in your design and it doesn’t effect the price. With heatpress logos we have to ‘weed’ the excess film from the logo so if  you have a solid logo this is a great alternative to screenprinting.

High Street Stitch and Print have a CMYK printer inhouse that we can print and cut vinyl for
heat pressing.

Once the logo has been design and printed it is then pressed onto the garments by a heat press
at 160°C.


Embroidery is another option for decorating different garments. The embroidery machine uses needles and thread to stitch the detail onto the garment. 

High Street Stitch & Print use premium threads, the durability of the thread means that the colour sharpness will be maintained.
Our inhouse embroidery machine and range of threads allows us to stitch up to 12 colours per logo and we can complete 6 garments per run.

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